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I've been perfecting the art of traditional laminated bowmaking for years and years. My bows are used wordwide for sport, hobby, and competitive purposes.
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Greetings! my name is imre nagy.

Every bow on my website is own-designed, traditional bows that are made with lamination technique. Authenticity was a very essential point when I was designing the bow but I also used my own ideas as well. Every single bow is made of high-quality materials; They are all hand-made; and the bows are treated with heat treatment that improves elasticity and results high tensile strength. With all these, the bows’ features are better and their life expectancy increases. I make the bows in natural color or in any other color as the customer wishes.

Coloring is included in the price. Since the material of the bows are mainly natural (wood), the ordered and prepared bow’s draw poundage can differ maximum +,- 3-4#!
The grip’s leathered surface is made of high-quality, thin oxhide so it makes the bow more aesthetic and comfortable. I test out every single prepared bow therefore the perfect operation is granted. One year of warranty is provided for every bow. If want to learn more about warranty, click here.

( Contact the given contact details for the production deadline of the bows. )
Occasionally I have some bows available ready for shipping. Ask about those in email:  

When the bow is ready, I send an e-mail to your e-mail address and the full price must be paid after it. Paying happens in the same way, via Paypal. Bank transaction charges are included in the price. Shipping fees charge the costumers. If the costumer doesn’t occur for the ordered product for some reason, after 60 days of storing, the product will be taken for sale.
Best regards: Imre Nagy

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